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About me

Hello! I make games & run Pixie Software. In my other life, I'm a husband and a father. In my free time I enjoy learning new stuff and working with my hands: my latest pursuit is woodworking but I've yet to nail it down. Clearly I'm also bad at puns.

You can find me on Twitter and Facebook.


Stephen Caruana is the founder and Managing Director of game development studio Pixie Software.

He is the president of the Malta Video Game Studio Association, the Coordinator of the IGDA Malta chapter and runs the Malta Unity User Group. An active member of Malta's development community since its beginning, Stephen organises and helps coordinate various events and workshops, providing an opportunity for Maltese game developers to get together and grow as an industry.

Speaking engagements

2017 August Devcom/Respawn – "Making the Leap from Creating Games to Building a Business"
2017 April Quo Vadis – "Building and Supporting Developer Communities"
2015 December Malta Unity User Group – "Unity 5.3 roundup"
2015 July Malta Video Game Studio Association roundtable – "The needs of game development studios in Malta"
2015 June Dutch Game Garden – "The ever-changing rules of the (business) game"
2015 March Malta Video Game Studio Association roundtable – "Leveling-Up the Maltese Indie Scene"
2014 December Malta Unity User Group – "Making life easy through precompiler directives"
2014 December Malta Unity User Group kickoff event – Keynote
2014 January Global Game Jam, Malta – "Tips on quick experimentation"
2013 October PixieCon '13 – Keynote
2013 October University of Malta ICT Students' Association weekender – "Digital gaming in Malta"
2013 May Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology – "Digital gaming in Malta"
2012 November University of Malta – "Artificial Intelligence in games"
2012 - 2015 Guest lecturer at the University of Malta – "Game design and theory" and "Game programming"