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New Unity CEO and distribute() enters public alpha

So I've mostly been off the internet in general for the past week as some life responsibilities caught up with me which I had to handle. My usage was practically limited to e-mail and other essentials.

This morning I found some time to just browse the internet and trawl through my Twitter feed, mostly looking for important or interesting stuff I may have missed. Surprisingly there were quite a few. Here are a couple which I found particularly noteworthy:

Unity announces new CEO Yes, David Helgason announced that he will be stepping down from CEO to take up another role at Unity. John Riccitiello, probably best known as the COO and then CEO of EA Games, has been part of Unity's board of directors since last year and will now be taking over leadership from Helgason. In his announcement, Helgason assures everyone that he will still "be heavily involved with the company’s direction" and that the change in leadership will not have any negative impacts on Unity's strategic vision.

This news comes at a time when rumours have been circulating about the possible sale of the company, which Unity CTO Joachim Ante has denied and David Helgason also confirmed. However one can't help but bring to mind the adage "there's no smoke without fire". Time will tell.

distribute() launches alpha access Rami Ismail announced that distribute() has opened up alpha access. A much anticipated project, over 150 developers and 100 press members had signed up within 3 hours of launch according to a post on its Twitter feed. A few "coming soon" feature teasers have also been mentioned which I think sound really interesting. I can't wait!

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