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Essential personal skills in game development

At the risk of making the article title sound like clickbait, I can collectively refer to these skills through a singular, but broad, term: communication skills.

I don't mean marketing, although that does require strong communication skills. I mean being able to figuratively and literally stand in front of people, whatever their relationship is to you, and say what you need to say articulately, clearly and in a way that everyone can understand. You need to be convincing, even when you might be wrong or are doubting yourself, and especially if you're in a leadership role.

Personal skills

  • Speaking or writing...
  • Addressing team members, partners, employees, potential investors or customers...
  • Pitching, teaching, motivating, documenting or asking questions...

I'd rank this high in any sector, but perhaps in games I would place it at the very top.

  • We're not just a creative industry, where clarity and unambiguity is always necessary, but a creative-technical mix, which makes it exponentially more important
  • Remote teams are very common
  • Very noisy industry, so it’s the clear voice that stands out
  • Mix of experienced and inexperienced individuals, across the board
  • Global. Multi-cultural.
  • Not just hit-driven but also brand- and personality-driven

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