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I'm starting a weekly Faction Overlord devstream

This Wednesday 24th February I'll be broadcasting the very first Faction Overlord live devstream! I'll be streaming some game programming on my Twitch channel every Wednesday at 11pm CET.

Live streaming was always part of our plans for open development but it kept being put on the backburner. Mostly because we wanted to make sure we could commit to a regular and consistent schedule which provided good value to the stream viewers. We also needed to take care of some logistics related to hardware, internet connection strength and reliability, physical space etc... but all that has been sorted out now.

Over time I'll stream more frequently and have non-programming content as well, but for now join me every Wednesday at 11pm CET on my Twitch channel and don't be afraid to join the discussion in chat!

See you in stream!

Faction Overlord Twitch development stream schedule

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